COD (Collect on Delivery)

COD (Collect on Delivery)

COD orders are always welcome.

IF you don’t like to pay with E-check than select COD at the checkout and place the order.

There is always going to be a COD Fee $17.50. Sorry, we cannot omit the COD fee because it’s a mandatory charge from the shipping companies.

COD orders only comes from Fedex and UPS. We don’t use USPS(post office) for COD orders

How do I make a COD payment?

Once the order being place, you will receive an email with order detail and total amount.

Make a Money order or Cashier Check for the total invoice amount and payable to “Novelty Choice”

Pay with money order or cashier check upon delivery of your shipment.

Please make sure to be present at the physical address when the delivery driver brings the COD package.

What if I won’t be home at the time of delivery, what are my other options to accept COD package?

IF you know that you cannot be present at the time of delivery, then simply request at the checkout to hold the package at Fedex or UPS pickup facility and we could easily make a request to hold the package at the UPS or FEDEX location which ever closer to your destination address.

Once the package is at the local pickup facility, take the money order or cashier check with your valid ID to claim the COD package at the FedEx or UPS pickup centers.

IF you have any further questions simply call us at 1844-309-6583.

You can also send us an email