OPMS kratom Silver Malay Special Reserve 15g-30 caps



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OPMS Kratom Malay Special Reserve Maeng 15g- 30 Capsules

This Product contains organically purified Mitragyna speciosa leaf extract. Capsules are used as carries or containers for the Mitragyna speciosa and to help facilitate the handling of raw powder.

What makes Kratom O.P.M. so different from others?

Most Kratom is extracted using a hot water / or solvent, in which the plants leaves are literally boiled in order to separate the alkaloids from the organic materials.

OPMs Kratom Silver malay made from a highly specialized high pressure / cold water extraction process that preserves the natural integrity of the plant’s alkaloids, resulting in a far superior product. This unique process had never been seen or applied until recently, when it was discovered by a team of Advanced Nutrition research specialists.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

O.P.M.s. Silver Kratom Powder; loose & Caps
O.P.M.s. Silver Kratom is high quality crushed Kratom leaf.
Authentic O.P.M.s. Silver Kratom Capsules, for anti counterfeiting measures have “O.P.M.s.” name and the 3 leaf logo printed on each individual capsule in yellow ink. 3 strains available; Thai, Maeng Da, and Malay Special Reserve. Thai is a good solid Kratom, The Alkaloids (natural active ingredients) in Maeng Da are about 35% higher then in the Thai strain. Malay special reserve is the best of the three strains, containing about 2 times as many alkaloids as does the Maeng Da strain. Malay Special Reserve is truly a full spectrum Kratom. When comparing the Alkaloid levels of Malay Special Reserve and O.P.M.s. Gold Extract kratom, Malay Special Reserve has 1/5 the alkaloids levels found in O.P.M.s. Gold Extract. That Makes Malay Special Reserve the best bang for the buck Kratom product on the market.


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