Remarkable Herbs Green Vein Indo Kratom Powder 3 oz Bag


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3oz package of powdered Kratom. INDO Kratom is known for mostly it’s euphoria over its relaxation the award for most renowned Kratom today goes to the Maeng Da kratom!


Maeng Da is different from is South-East Asian cousins. The leaves look different from other Kratom leaves and they prove to contain more alkaloid than the other strains. The Maeng Da Kratom leaves have an extra pointy tip and they also have pointy shapes on each side, as if horns are sticking out. Maeng Da comes from most parts of South East Asia, but it’s hard to find.

The name “Maeng Da” is the Thai word for a water beetle. Therefor many people believe that the Maeng Da only comes from Thailand, but that is not always true. T

Maeng Da Kratom leaves also exist in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Interestingly, all Maeng Da leaves have slightly different shapes. Maeng Da comes from various locations and grows on red, green and white veined trees, all giving the effect different characteristics. Which type of Maeng Da Kratom is best? That is hard to say as they all have their own properties. We offer you a unique blend of red, green and white veined leaves.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powder, Alkaloid content Mitragynine 1.5%, 7-OH-Mitragynine-.05%


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