E-check Payment Method

What is E-Check?

An E-Check is an electronic payment funded by the buyer’s bank account.

e- Checks is the easiest way to pay with your bank account. You only need to have a confirmed U.S. bank account to send an eCheck payment to complete the order.

For buyers:

Before you make a payment, make sure you have enough money in your bank account to cover the eCheck. If there’s not enough money in your bank account, the bank will decline the payment.

Enter Your Bank Routing Number and Checking/Savings Account number at the checkout to place the order. Very simple, Fast and secure.

If you’d like to cancel an eCheck order within the same day of your purchase(does not include Sat-Sun), simply right us at noveltychoice@gmail.com and we will delete the E-check payment.

IF there are not enough funds in customer account and result in a bounce check, then there will be a $38 dollar return check fee apply to customer account.

Benefits of E-Check

Simple, fast and Secure

Easy way to place the order with a valid U.S bank account.

hidden charges/Fees associated with echeck.

Complete the order without any hassles like credit card decline, COD fees or calling bank to authorize credit card transaction.

First Time E-check order:

IF this is your first time E-check payment order, than there will be a slight hold on the order shipping status. Once your check get full clearance from the bank, we will ship the order. Clearance on check can take around 3-5 business days. However, If you think the payment is clear from your account the next day, send us the “screen shot” of your posted transaction E-check amount, shows the payment has been cleared.

Use this email address to send us the screen shot of your payment clearance


IF checks get bounce, order will be automatically cancel and you won’t have anymore privileges to place the order again with E-CHECK.